10 Ways to Get Motivated

d2bc7ce8-71a5-421f-95a9-4e8d87d45878I put this list together for you, just in case you can relate to not always feeling as motivated as you’d like. I was inspired to share these ideas because it seems to be going around lately; many of my clients have been wanting to feel more motivation, clarity and focus. Have you?

We are moving away from winter, when things moved a little slower (in nature, at least, if not in your life, specifically 😉 and it was good to fill up on nourishment and rest. Resting when you need to is still super important AND now that we are a couple weeks into Spring, you may be feeling like there is more energy available with more daylight to use it in… But you might not always feel the motivation to get going, or keep going on what’s in front of you.

In the beginning of every massage session, I offer my clients a choice of essential oils to add to their massage cream. The essential oils are made from parts of plants (the flower, bark, root or fruit) and have healing qualities that work on mental, physical and emotional levels. I often ask: Is there anything going on in any of those realms that you would like the support of essential oils with? Or… What would you like to bring in to your life?

Almost all of my clients in the last couple weeks asked for motivation …to finish their taxes, or to focus on completing another task they’d been putting off for a while.

Here are some ideas for you to try:

  1. Move your body. Get your Qi flowing with some kind of vigorous exercise, like a brisk walk letting your arms swing and feeling your breath. It’s a great way to start your day. Or any time of day, turn on your favorite song, whip out your craziest moves, and dance like nobody is watching. Even just a few rounds of cat and cow yoga poses can give you an energy boost. And I’m planning a fun, flowing sequence for Yoga this Friday 12-1pm in Santa Cruz. Let me know if you’d like to come and need the details :)
  2. Breathe a little more. Set a timer for 3 minutes, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Simply take long, deep breaths, in and out and see if you feel more energized afterward. In Yoga, it is said the breath fills us with Prana, the energy of life. Science would say we are oxygenating the blood that flows to the brain and every single cell in the body. A Jedi would say you are “using the Force.” Any way you slice it, if you breathe fully, you’ll feel more alive.
  3. Spice things up with a new tasty beverage. Consider brewing up something other than coffee to boost your energy in the morning or mid-afternoon. Though the “bitter bean juice,” as my son calls it, can get you going, it can also make your energy crash later on. Try one these energizing flavors instead:
    • Ginger – Make a morning cuppa ginger tea, by brewing slices of the root in boiling water. You can add lemon or honey, or drink it straight. Ginger helps you feel more energetic and motivated by getting your blood flowing, and it has so many other healing qualities!
    • Chai SpicesBrew up a blend of any or all of these: cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, peppercorn, nutmeg, cloves and ginger, of course.
    • Peppermint – This herb is quite stimulating, helps with concentration and gets your digestion flowing when it’s a little sluggish, too.
  4. Remember the bigger picture. Soften around your eyes and take a moment to call to mind why you are doing the task that is at hand. Why is it important to you? What good will it bring into your life? How will you feel when it is done? Is there a bigger goal you are moving toward?
  5. Take a nature break. If looking at the bigger picture is too big right now, go outside and get some fresh air. See how high you can jump at the beach, notice the beauty of a flower, or look up and see what the sky is up to.
  6. Focus on one thing at a time. The overwhelm of thinking about everything that needs to be done can bog you down and/or stop you from moving forward. Baby steps.
  7. Ask yourself some questions. What’s in the way of moving forward on this? What’s stopping you? Is it physical; like, do you need more rest? Is there something else that is more pressing right now that needs to be attended to first? Do you have all the information you need? What would happen if you didn’t do this – today, at least?
  8. Use the buddy system. Make time to hang with a friend or be part of a group. Talk with them about what you’re up to right now in life. You can even ask them for support in the form of *just listening*. Or ask for outright cheer-leading from someone you know cares about you. (Whoa, asking for help and then receiving it?!? I know, right. It’s hard for some of us.) Feeling supported and connected to people who believe in you makes a huge difference to how much energy you have to move forward on your projects, big and small.
  9. Do a little cleaning. And clear some clutter, especially in your work space, and the space you like to relax in. Being more organized in your living spaces does wonders for your mind. The cleaning itself gets you moving, and you end up with a tidier place to enjoy. Plus, then the need to clean isn’t the thing that’s getting in the way of getting started on a creative project or getting your work done.
  10. Finish your taxes :) And by that I mean, move towards completing some of the tasks that have been hanging over your head for a while. When you extend how long you are carrying the burden of having that thing-to-do on your mind, it gets heavier over time. Use the tips above to find motivation, re-focus your energy and do the thing. Or complete a smaller task first, and that sense of completion will also help you to move forward. You can do it! One thing at a time.

We’ll be diving more deeply into some of these topics and more in the 21-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge starting April 24th. I’m excited to see who has joined already and there is still space available if you’d like to come, too!